Sunday, August 8, 2010

The bad news: I haven't updated my blog in awhile
The good news: I've still been working out, eating right, and sleeping a lot. Still sticking with Pat's programming, M-W-F with weights, meat/veggies 90%+ of the time, whey/gatorade/creatine/glutamine shake post-workout, and a good 8-10hrs of sleep every night. I feel really lean, and strong at the gym, which is great!

I feel like I have a great balance in life right now of exercise, nutrition, rest, work, wife/kids, friends, and getting out and doing the occassional fun thing (eg a day of wake boarding or a concert).

I'm with Pat, I really like Dan John's stuff. And at 31, I feel like it's all about having that good balance.

1 comment:

  1. Good to know you are still alive. Hopefully, your family is doing well.

    I am heading back to the Mark Sisson approach, 2 days weights, 2 days sprints, 2 days walk. I think that might be one place where some money is at.